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Trygg chain sets in pictures

The sets of chains Trygg, assembled and distributed by Chaîne Select, are reputed for their irreproachable quality and their simple use.

At Chaîne Select, we understand that the road conditions under your wheels can change quickly. This is why our sets of chains are easy to install on any type of vehicle or machinery.

On the road or in forest, in the mud, the snow or the ice, there is a set of chains Trygg which suits your needs. Automobile, truck, loader, grader, forklift, snow blower and other vehicles will never have been as well equipped as with a set of chains Trygg.

Tire chains which quickly settle down

Installation Truck

Installation Forklift

Installation VTT CSI

Installation Trygg Helene CSI

Installation Flexi

Installation Safety Grip 6/7 mm

Installation Truck and Bus

Installation ATV

Truck chain adjustment

Truck chain adjustment

Trygg chains works everywhere

Products Grouser, SMT

Products SMT Flexi, Safety Grip 6/7 mm, VTT

Products Forestry

Products Truck

You too, choose to equip your vehicle with a set of long-lasting and effective chains.

Find the perfect chain