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Frequently asked questions about the Trygg chains

Trygg tire chains were designed to be long-lasting, effective and easy to use. Our tire chain covers a wide range of situations of use, on several types of ground. In forest, on the road, on the ice or snow, our chains assure the traction you need.

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1. What is the difference between 2 and 4 link spacing?

Spacing is defined as where the cross chain is inserted on the side chain. For 2 link spacing, cross chains occur every 2 side chain links. For 4 link spacing, cross chains occur every 4 side chain link.

2. Why certain diameters of chain are given in metric system rather than the imperial one?

Because the Trygg chain comes from Norway and because the metric system is used in Europe, the measures are thus given in millimeters.

3. Why should I choose TRYGG rather than another supplier on the Internet?

The chain generally available on the internet and certain other suppliers is often from China, like V-Bar chain for example, and thus less good quality than the chain Trygg, which comes from Europe. Thus for a long-lasting quality chain, Trygg is the best choice!

4. What is the relation between Chaîne Select and the company TRYGG?

Chaîne Select belongs to Trygg since more than thirty years and knows perfectly the types of chain supplied by the head office. We also have in inventory all replacement parts.

5. I don't know which chain diameter to use, how can I choose the right one?

In the interrogation, Chaîne Select or his distributors will be able to assist you adequately towards the thickness of chain suited according to your needs. A too small chain for a certain tire size will reduce the efficiency and could be more brittle and eventually may break.

6. What is the difference between the thickness of the chain and the thickness of the stud?

At Trygg, the stud is always oversized compared to the chain. For example, an 8mm chain will have a stud about 9mm as well as a 9,5mm chain will have a stud around 11mm. Always for a superior traction than the competition.

7. What means TRYGG?

The word Trygg has Norwegian origin and means Safety. By installing a Trygg chain, you can drive in complete safety knowing that you ride on a top quality chain.

8. I received a set of chain but it seems too long for my tire, is it an error of expedition or bad product?

It is possible but not very probable. A set of chain is not a custom-made. The height of tires can vary from a manufacturer to the other as well as the wear of your tires which will influence the circumference of the wheel. It is necessary to adjust suitably the chain on the tire before uses and if necessary, to cut the extra length. It is thus preferable to have a too long chain rather a too short one.

9. I don't find my tire size on the site, is it possible to have a set of chain for my tire?

Obviously and quickly! Because Chaîne Select is also a manufacturer of chain and have a recognized expertise in the market, these advantages allow us to build quickly a chain for your tire compared with other suppliers who are only able to redistribute a product already assembled without being able to make any modifications.

10. I wish to have a Cam system on my chains, is it possible and necessary?

The systems with Cams are available on the models made with side chain 6-7 and 8mm. The bigger models do not require Cams of this type. It is necessary to specify before ordering if you desire a system with Cams because they can’t be afterward inserted.

11. I am a person, not a business. Can I deal directly with Chain Select?

We established a solid distribution network for our chains, it is thus preferable to deal directly with our distributor the closer from your home. However, we welcome with no problem, the customers who need advices, repairs, specific needs or who prefer to buy directly with the manufacturer because quality of the offered service.

12. If we're talking about a 13mm chain, where this measure is taken?

The given measure refers has the thickness of the material which forms the link, never about the thickness of the stud. Some seller praise virtues of their chain by mentioning only the dimension of the stud and not the chain itself. This notion is necessary to compare apples with apples.

13. On my farm tractor, I had for a long time ring chains, is this model still exist?

If you have a ring chain on your farm tractor and if the use is mainly agricultural rather than forester, it is now the time to evolve towards with a model much more effective than ring chain: the continuous traction (Trygg SMT). You will be amazed! Rings chains are always available for certain tires size but for forestry use only.

14. Compared with the track system, which advantages chains has?

The turning circle of the vehicle remains identical with chains compared with the track system which requires wide turns. Furthermore, a chain is quickly installed compared with the track system which requires a lot of time, tools and investments.