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Chaîne Select : Make accessible Trygg quality chains

Since 1980, Chaîne Select Inc. assembles and distributes the renowned “TRYGG” chain all across North America. In their facilities in Drummondville, it is more than 3000 tons of traction chains that are produced yearly according to the highest standard established by Nosted Kjetting and that have given to “TRYGG” his reputation.

The story of TRYGG-chains began in 1927 when a young engineer named Alf-Nosted arrived in Mandal to work as a technical advisor at “Mandal’s Nail & wire Rope Factory”. After some years of building his expertise in wire drawing technology, he went on to establish his own factory with the help of local investors “Norks Kjettingindustri AS” commencing production in May 1939. The founder’s – Arve Nosted took over as the CEO in the mid 1950’s and the company experienced two decades of substantial growth and expansion. New and better technology was regularly introduced, including fully automatic stud welding machines in 1970 which gave a huge competitive edge to the company and contributed greatly to its further development. Then in 1980, the company name was changed to “NOSTED KJETTING AS”. Over the years, chain export grew, first to Europe, then to North and South America and gradually exports became the major contributor to the growth and success of Trygg chains.

The significance of the North American market was reflected in the 1984 with the acquisition of  “CHAINE SELECT INC. “Quebec, Canada to provide service and distribution in North America.

Since then, TRYGG” made its mark as a leader on the traction chain market in all design, studded, rings or diamond shaped and in all conditions, road, woods, off road terrain. The quality and increased durability of the TRYGG chains provide the traction and reliability needed to complete your work.